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Professor  Ravindra  Fernando

Ananda has produced Professionals of all fields who have served and serving the country. Some have migrated to other countries and serve there. The Colombo Medical School was opened in 1870 by the then Governor SirnHercule Robinson, 16 years before Ananda College was established. Many Anandians have entered this medical school, now the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Colombo, and the medical schools established later.

Anandians have excelled in the field of medicine and have been pioneers in their chosen specialties. This article is an attempt to describe some of the medical specialists Ananda has produced. This is an unenviable task as there are no complete lists of all doctors available.  I have tried my best to contact and consult many colleagues when preparing this article, but I sincerely apologise for any omissions.

Dr. Hudson Silva, the Anandian who started the Eye Donation Society, has pioneered eye donation in Sri Lanka and abroad. His work received international fame and he received awards from Japan, Bangladesh,Pakistan, Indonesia, Belgium, Sweden, Jordan and Netherlands for his noble activities.

In the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, late Prof. D. A. Ranasinghe, a teacher par excellence, served the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. He trained a generation of doctors in that field, including Prof. Harshalal Seneviratne who served as the Dean of the Faculty. Dr. Athula Kaluarachchi is a Senior Lecturer in the same Department. Professor Jayantha Sirisena was the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the Univerity of Kelaniya.

Late Drs. W.A.L. Weerasinghe and Lakshman Fernando were Consultants of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Dr. A. Gautamadasa, Dr. M.D.P Goonaratne, Dr. Asoka Weerakkody, Dr. Ratnakara Jayasinghe, Dr. Ananda Ranatunge, Dr. Deepal Weerasekera, Dr. Chandra Alwishewa, Dr. Athula Fernando , Dr. Ruwan Pathiraja , Dr. Harsha Kalansuriya are some of the other Consultants of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Late Dr. Kumar de Silva was a Consultant Anaesthetist.

Dr. A.T.W.P. Jayawardena, a Consultant Anaesthetist is a past president of the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA).  Dr. S. Varatharajan, Dr. A. A. B. Silva, Dr. Bernard Silva,  Dr. Ranjith Ganepola, Dr. Padmalal De Silva, Dr.Sanjaya Arampatte, Dr.Kanishka Indraratne, Dr. Buddhika Vidanagama    are Consultant Anaesthetists.

Family Physicians (General Practitioners) are medical professionals who are very close to all members of families and they look after generations in a family.  Many Anandians   have been very successful

family physicians. Late Dr. G. M. Heennilame, Dr. Sarath Wijesekera, Dr. D. A. Dharmage and Dr. Thilak de Mel were well known Family Physicians.

Dr. Preethiraj Wijegoonawardena was a past president of the SLMA and the College of General Practitioners and also the Regional President of World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) South Asia from 2007 to date.

Dr. Sathis Jayasinghe, Dr. H. A. P.  Kulatunga , Dr. Bandula, Karunarathne, Dr. J. D. Z. Gunawardena, Dr. D. R. Baranage, Dr. G. R. A. Rajapakse, Dr. L. C. de Silva,  Dr. Thilak Wickramasinghe, Dr. S.

Mayadunna, Dr. G. S. Hapangama, Dr. Derick Rodrigo, Dr. Jayantha Wijeratna, Dr. Kolitha Gunasekera, Dr.Nalaka Fonseka, Dr Sarath Chandrasena, U.W.Sumathipala, Dr. Nimal Kottachchi, Dr. D.K.D. Mathew, Dr.Kolitha Jayasuriya, Dr. Sudarshana Sirimanne   and Dr. Nandana Kaluarachchi are other Family Physicians.

Dr. S. P. de Silva and Dr. N. G. Abeygunawardana are  Consultant Radiologists. Dr Ranjith de Alwis, a Community Physician, was the Head of the Occupational Health and Safety Division of the Ministry of Labour, now in the International Medical University, Malaysia.

Late Dr. P.A.C. De Silva was also a Community Physician. In the field of Forensic Medicine, late Prof. N. Saravanapavananthan was the first Professor of Forensic Medicine in the University of Jaffna.  I consider him as one of the best Forensic Pathologists Sri Lanka has produced.  Prof. M.S.L. Salgado, was the Chief Judicial Medical Officer, Colombo, and was a Professor of Forensic Medicine in the North Colombo Medical College (NCMC).  He was a past president of the Indo-Pacific Association of Law, Medicine and Science. Dr. Gervin de Silva was the first Head of the Department of the North Colombo Medical College (NCMC).

Dr. K. Ratnavadivel and Dr. Deepthi Wijewardana are  Consultant Judicial Medical Officers. Dr. Priyanjith Perera, Dr. Muditha Vidanapathirana, and Dr. Clifford Perera are Senior Lecturers in Forensic medicine.

Dr. P. A. Weerasinghe, Dr. Daya Perera, Dr. J. C. Mallikarachchi, Dr. Charith Fonseka, Dr. Nalin Rajakaruna   and Dr. Nalin Goonasinghe are Consultant Ophthalmologists. Professor E. K. Rodrigo is the Professor of Psychiatry of the University of Peradeniya. Dr. Lakshman Fernando and Dr. Wimal de Alwis are also Consultant Psychiatrists.

Some doctors produced by Ananda entered the field of politics. Dr. S. A Wickramasinghe, Member of Parliament (MP), was the founder leader of the Ceylon Communist Party. He was jailed twice for his beliefs, and was the General Manager of the Buddhist Theosophical Society schools. He was the first person to advocate the development and diversion of the Mahaweli river. Late Dr Dannister de Silva MP, represented Borella.

Dr. Neville Fernando MP, a former Family Physician, is the Chairman of the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine, Malabe. Professor Tissa Vitarana, MP, a senior minister in the cabinet, is the leader of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) who played cricket for Ananda. Dr Rajitha Senaratne, MP and  a cabinet minister, is a Dental Surgeon.

Among the many Consultant Physicians, Prof. W.A.S. de Silva was a former Professor of Medicine of the University of Ruhuna and a past resident of the SLMA.  Dr. Nanda Amarasekera is a past president of the Ceylon College of Physicians. Professor  Sunil Wimalawansa is a Professor of Medicine in the New Jersey University of Medicine and Dentistry, USA. Professor Saroj Jayasinghe is a Professor in the Department of Clinical Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.

Late Dr. K. D. P. Wimalaratne was a Consultant Physician.  Dr. A. A. W. Amarasinghe, Dr. A. K. J. C. Amarasinghe, Dr. S.I. Liyanaarachchi, Dr. Norman Jayaratne, Dr. H. S. S. Samarasiri, Dr. S.P. Jayawardena, Dr. M.P. Vedisinghe, Dr. W.K. Balasuriya, Dr. Jayanthi Mannakkara, Dr. S.D.K. Perera, Dr. Wimal Weerasinghe, Dr. Gemunu Jayasuriya, Dr.Amitha Fernanado, Dr. Suresh Mendis, Dr. Harindra Karunathilake , Dr. Kushan Medagoda and Dr. Anuradha Dassanayake,   Dr. Bandula Wijesiriwardena, Dr.Shehan Abegunasekera and  Dr. Suresh Mendis  are also Consultant Physicians produced by Ananda.

Dr. Githanjan Mendis,  Dr. Bimsara Senanayake, Dr. Janaka Peiris, Dr. Nilupul Perera are Consultant Neurologists.

Dr. Upul Wijayawardena Dr. Ranjith Madurawe and Dr. Mohan Rajakaruna are Consultant Cardiologists.

Dr V. S. B. Ratnayake is a Consultant Haematologist. Late Dr. V. T. Ratnayake and Dr. W.D.H. Perera are Consultant Dermatologists from Ananda.  Dr. Perera was the founder President of the Old Anandians Medical Guild. Dr. Janaka Akarawita and Dr. Jayamini Seneviratne are also Consultant Dermatologists.

 In the rare specialty of Oncology (cancer) an Anandian Dr. Pujitha Wasalararachchi serves as a Consultant in the Cancer Hospital, Maharagama. Dr. Gamini Sooriyaarachchi and Dr. Lasika Seneviratne are Consultant  Oncologists in the USA.

Ananda has produced many distinguished Surgeons.  Late Professor M. N. T. Fonseka was the first Professor of Surgery in the Ruhuna Medical Faculty. Dr. H.S. Perera, a Consultant Cardio-thoracic surgeon of the General Hospital performed the now popular Coronary artery bypass graft for the first time in Sri Lanka in 1984. Dr. Nimal Rajapaksha , Dr. Rajeewa Peiris and Dr. Iresh Wijemanna  are also Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons

Late Dr. S. A. W. Gunawardena and  Dr. B.J. Masakorala were Consultant Surgeons.

Prof. Ranjan Dias of the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo, and Dr. Sanjaya Abeygunasekara are  Paediatric Surgeons.  Dr. Ishan de Soysa is a Senior Lecturer in the Department  of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine,Colombo.

Dr. M.H. de Zoysa, Dr.Wimalasiri Perera Dr. D.S. Liyanarachchi, Dr. Shanthilal de Silva, Dr. Semaka Jayasekera, Dr. L. I. Wijesooriya, Dr. Mahanama Goonasekera,  Dr. Ajith de Silva,  Dr. Lalantha Ranasinghe, Dr. Sumudu Kumarage , Dr. Priyantha Udapamunuwa, Dr. D.C. Rajapaksha , Dr. Hasanjaya Gunawardene , Dr. Anuruddha Abeygunasekara, Dr.Ruwan Fonseka, Dr. Ranjith Peiris, Dr. Lalith Perera and  Athula Witharana are also consultant surgeons.

Dr. Kelvin Samaratunga, Dr. S.C. Abeysooriya and Dr. Sunil Perera are Consultant Neurosurgeons.

Dr. Upali Banagala , Dr. Ananda Perera and Dr. Marius Almeida are Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Late Dr. V. Rasanayakam was an ENT Surgeon. Dr. Asoka Jayasena and Dr. R. P. Dayasena are also Consultant ENT Surgeons.

The Medical Administrators who are old Anandians include Dr. P.G. Maheepala, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr. R. C. Rajapakse, the first Director of the Sri Jayawardenepura General Hospital, Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Director, Colombo South Hospital and Dr. Sunil de Alwis. Late Dr. R. L. Jayakuru was the Head of the Sexual Transmitted Disease Unit of the Health Ministry. Dr. Mahinda Rajapaksha  is the Director of the De Soysa Maternity Hospital. Dr. Aruna Rabel is the Medical Director of the Hemas

Hospital and Dr. A. S. Kellepotha is the Medical Director of the Joseph Fraser Memorial Hospital.

Dr. S. M. Goonasekera, Dr. Tilak Munasinghe,  Dr. L. N. D. Abeygunawardena, Dr. Punsiri Fernando, Dr. K. N.K. Wijayawardane, Dr. Anura Senanayake, Dr. Vijitha Perera, Dr. D.V.S.H. Benaragama  and Dr. R. Wimal Jayantha are also Medical administrators.

Ananda has produced several eminent pharmacologists. Prof. K. Jayasena was the Professor of Pharmacology of the University of Peradeniya. Professor Thilak Weerasinghe and Professor Krishantha Weerasuriya were in the University of Colombo. Professor Weerasuriya is now serving as an expert in the World Health Organization, Geneva.

Many Anandians have followed the specialty of Paediatrics.  Late Dr. E. H. Mirando, a Consultant Paediatrician, has worked in both the curative and preventive branches of Paediatrics.  He was a past president of the Ceylon Medical Association, the Ceylon Paediatrics Association, the Ceylon College of Physicians and the Ceylon Society of Cardiology. Dr. H.B. Perera is another Consultant Paediatrician who is a past president of the SLMA.

Prof. Harendra de Silva is the Professor of Paediatrics in the University of Kelaniya.  He is the architect and the founder Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority.  Dr. Ananda Jayasinghe is a  Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya. Late Dr. Amitha Obeysekera and Dr. Asoka Wijetilake, Dr. D. T. D Bulugahapitiya, Dr. D. A. Sonnadara,  Dr. Udaya Kumarasinghe, Dr. H. T. Wickramasinghe, Dr. Harris Pathirage and Dr. Senaka Goonetileke are the other Pediatricians.

Several doctors from Ananda were excellent cricketers.  Dr. Mohanlal Fernando, Dr. K.T. Nihal de Silva and Dr. Sarath Wimalaratne are some of them.

Many Anandians are Dental surgeons.

Professor N.A. De S. Amarathunga, Professor of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery, was the former Dean, Faculty of Dental Sciences of the University of Peradeniya. Late Professor M.T.M Jiffry was a Professor of Physiology. He was the founder Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura and was the Deputy Chairman of the University Grants Commission. Late Dr. K.D.G. Saparamadu was a Consultant in Community Dentistry.

Dr. Charith Peiris and Dr. Pubudu Perera are Consultants in Restorative Dentistry and Senior Lecturers at the Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya. Dr. Sanath Rajapaksa and Dr. Anura Ranasinghe are Consultant Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgeons. Dr. Priyake Palipana is a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. Hemantha Amerasinghe, Dr. Nilantha Rathnayake and Dr. Prasanna Jayasekera are Consultants in Community Dentistry. Ananda has produced many lady doctors. They include Dr. Connie Pallewella, Dr. Swarna Nadarajah, Dr. Karuna de Silva, Dr.Sreema Athulathmudali, Sakuntala Vedavanam, Dr. Swarna Indraratne and Dr.Indrani Kulatunga. Dr. Iyanthimala de Silva, is a Consultant in the World Health Organization on HIV/AIDS in the South Asia Regional Office, New Delhi.

The author, Professor Ravindra Fernando, is a Senior Professor of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. He is a past president of the Sri Lanka Medical Association, Ceylon College of Physicians, College of Forensic Pathologists of Sri Lanka and the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology.

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