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 Anandians and Sri lanka Army 

High patriotic ideals, great virtues of loyalty, unique respect for Buddhist teachings and morally sound cultural ethos are among the most prominent core values that moulded Anandians to emerge as true sons and guardians of this great nation that boasts of an unmatched civilization from time immemorial.  

Identical to those of our great olden armies of then Sri Lanka, composed mainly of “Eth-Aes-Riya-Paabala” or more popularly called, “Chathuranga Senaa” (Elephant, Cavalry, Mechanized and the Infantry), needless to repeat, the present-day Army too, remained firmly committed to preserve the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of  the country, despite numerous constraints.

In its life span of 125 years, Ananda Matha has produced a host of exceptionally-talented personalities for the noble service of the mother Lanka, covering every social stratum.

Sri Lanka’s march to prosperity faced a setback and continued to be badly affected due to insurgencies in the post independent era. To uphold and safeguard Sri Lankan heritage and her stability, many a great war veteran had spilled their blood and sweat. Hence, our endeavour is to highlight and place on record the numerous contributions, made exclusively by the Anandians who have hitherto served and are still serving in the Sri Lanka Army for the sacred mission in defence of our beloved nation.

Lieutenant A.P.N. P de Vas Gunawardana on 23 July 1983 sacrificed his precious life in the battlefield and went into the annals of history as the first Anandian officer to have laid his life for the sake of the country. Thereafter, during three decades of the war, 45 Anandians serving the Sri Lanka Army have made the supreme sacrifice in safeguarding the motherland.

Many attempts were made for peaceful resolution of this conflict in the past 30 years of war, but all those moves, ended in smoke. Death, destruction and havoc occurred to the mother, Sri Lanka during this period cannot still be estimated and many losses are unbearable.

Unblemished Sri Lankan heritage and her sovereignty was at great risk when His Excellency, the President appointed an Anandian to hold the supreme office in the Defence apparatus where all strategies were meticulously planned and directed. It was none other than “GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSA”, now a household name in our country.

With his supreme Command and Diplomacy, Sri Lanka Defence Forces finally liberated the mother, Sri Lanka on 19 May 2009. During this daunting task, Anandians outshone and shouldered different military responsibilities in varying roles holding very important and decisive positions in the Army and earned the reputation for being one of the proud Anandians in the county’s Defence Sector.

General H Wanasingha VSV USP ndc became the first Anandian to hold the office of the Commander of the Army and subsequently General R De S Daluwatte WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc, Lt Gen L B Balagalle RWP RSP VSV USP ndc IG, kept the Sri Lanka Army flag flying with their rise to the mantle of the organization.

Those Anandians, who rose to the rank of Major General and held many prestigious appointments in the Army and retired honourably, include Maj Gen DJ De S Wickramanayaka, Maj Gen CANM Silva VSV ndc psc, Maj Gen HG Silva VSV psc, Maj Gen SMA Ayawardena VSV ndc psc, Maj Gen D Wijesinghe, Maj Gen UA Karunarathna psc, Maj Gen SV Jayakody USP, Maj Gen CJ Ranaweera RWP RSP USP, Maj Gen DSK Wijesooriya RWP RSP, Maj Gen N Mallawaarachchi RWP RSP USP psc, Maj Gen J Nammuni RSP USP ,Maj Gen UBL Fernando RWP RSP psc,Maj GenTW Jayawardena RWP RSP, Maj Gen HB Thibbotumunuwe RWP RSP, Maj Gen CL Algama VSV ndc and Maj Gen WMP Fernando USP ndc psc.

During the last thirty years of the military campaign, Maj Gen LWCBB Rajaguru RWP RSP USP, Maj Gen SAPP Samarasinghe RSP psc, Maj Gen JC Rambukpotha RSP USP ndc psc IG, Maj Gen NAJC Dias RWP RSP ndc, Maj Gen GDHK Gunaratne RWP USP psc, Maj Gen S Ranasinghe RWP RSP psc, Maj Gen KJ Alwis RWP RSP USP ndu psc,  Maj Gen PP de Silva WWV RWP RSP psc, Maj Gen CP Gallage RWP RSP USP, who are still in active service as Anandians have been playing leading roles by holding different appointments in the Army. Needless to reiterate, they have contributed enormously towards the defence of the country, particularly during the height of Humanitarian Operations.

Senior Officers who have risen to one star General rank and still serving in the Army are Brig KJ Wijetilleke psc, Brig KP Sumanapala, Brig GDI Karunaratne psc, Brig DDUK Hettiarachchi psc, Brig HWSDB Pananwala RSP, Brig RP Rajapathirana RSP psc, Brig WAS Weerawardena RSP IG, Brig NM Hettiarachchi psc, Brig PR Wanigasooriya, Brig KGD Perera and Brig KMDDA De Silva.

With an unblemished and unforgettable record of military service, following Anandians have retired from the Army honourably. They are Brig ML Jayarathne AATO, Brig MRW De Zoysa, Brig KL Rasaputhran USP, Brig GS Padumadasa USP, Brig AK Samarasekera USP, Brig HKW Ranasinghe USP, Brig GV Elapatha, Brig TD Rajapaksha, Brig P Angammana, Brig GL Perusingha USP, Brig DRP Sooriyapperuma, Brig HAS Perera, Brig PDS Daluwatta USP, Brig GK Wickramasinghe.

Currently, officers holding different appointments as General Staff in the Army include Col MAAW Wijewardana, Col DCJW Jayasekara, Col MDUV Gunathilleke psc, Col GRMMUK Jayasinghe, Col AP Pallewela, Col NI De Silva, Col WPAK Tillakaratne psc, Col J Alawatte and Col MSC Perera.

Those Anandians who immaturely retired in the rank of Colonel from the service are Col CRS Fernando AATO, Col PRS Jayasekara RWP RSP psc and Col FS Kasturiarachchi.       

As at now, officers holding the Battalion Commanding Officers and Grade One in different field formations are Lt Col KPHK Nawarathna, Lt Col IANB Perera psc, Lt Col DRN Hettiarachchi, Lt Col WAUS Wanasekera, Lt Col DVP Kariyawasam  RSP, Lt Col SBRK Fernando, Lt Col PDAG Senadeera, Lt Col WASS Wanasinghe, Lt Col MP Karunarathne,                                     Lt Col     KPS Premalal RSP, Lt Col SD Meepagala, Lt Col SWM Fernando WWV RWP RSP psc, Lt Col               PR athirawithana psc, Lt Col DKRN Dissanayake Lsc, Lt Col RMUK Rajapakshe, Lt Col NDS Chandrasiri, Lt Col CU Marasinghe, Lt Col SLMDJS Samarathunga, Lt Col HAUK Abeywardana Lsc, Lt Col KAIT Kuruwita, Lt Col AK Rajapaksha, Lt Col P Wimalasiri, Lt Col M Mayadunna, Lt Col DA Amarasekara, Lt Col SD Udayasena, Lt Col KVDR Darmapriya, Lt Col R Alvitigala, Lt Col BWMJA Premadasa, Lt Col SSK Jayawickrama, Lt Col MAAJ Kularatne psc, Lt Col              CS Tibbotuge psc, Lt Col DMPD Dissanayake, Lt Col HDK Heiyanthuduwa, Lt Col UUKLS Perera psc, Lt Col            PSK Sanjeewa, Lt Col RADP Ranawaka,    Lt Col KKGP Kodithuwakku, Lt Col MPSR Amarasekara, Lt Col LT Dayakeerthi, Lt Col SAAK Peiris. Lt Col RMCLKK Rathnayaka, Lt Col N Mawithana.

Those Anandians who immaturely retired as Lieutenant Colonel from the service are Lt Col LPJM Wickramasingha, Lt Col BPS Jayarathna, Lt Col TG Withanage, Lt Col BGS de Silva, Lt Col ULGA Gunarathna, Lt Col GWL Mahinkanda, Lt Col MAMI Munasinghe RSP, Lt Col PAR Samarakoon RWP RSP, Lt Col BMP Basnayakepsc, Lt Col BKJTS Rodrigo, Lt Col DVWL  Harischandra, Lt Col HAB Perera.

Those Anandians who are holding Grade II appointments in field formations and as Company Commanders at present are Maj MAS Jayarathne, Maj RMD Rathnayake, Maj MSD Perera, Maj HDMP Weerasingha, Maj BSK Jayasundara, Maj MTM Disanayaka, Maj HGCD Gurusingha, Maj SPIH Senanayake, Maj SWPMHR Senadeera, Maj TAT Priyadarshana, Maj RVK Amarasinghe, Maj NPLA Karunarathna, Maj DIA Perera, Maj GRH Warnajith, Maj RHK Menaka, Maj NC Lokugalappaththi, Maj MMR Chandrasekara, Maj MCW Gomes, Maj RS Kadigamuwa, Maj GIDD Dharmarathne, Maj CS Demuni, Maj RS Megamaarachchi, Maj NAWP Perera, Maj VAWKM Samarathunga, Maj PHA Rupasinghe, Maj WS Gamage, Maj KKP Pussewala, Maj WACR Wickramasinghe psc, Maj WMGP Shantha Bandara, Maj NIPK Gamage, Maj ON Manage, Maj BM Jayaweera, Maj KDC Wijenayaka, Maj AKD Adikari, Maj SALI Jayasena, Maj BAP Liyanage, Maj DACN Dematanpitiya, Maj WPDN Aberathna, Maj JKRP Jayasinghe RWP RSP, Maj PSS Sanjeewa, Maj HS De Silva, Maj NUL Jayalath, Maj GKKA Perera, Maj DHP Devakara.

Those Anandians who have immaturely retired as Major / Captain / Lt ranks from the service are     Maj SD Attanayake, Maj MP Ranasinghe, Maj PS Ariyawansa, Maj RPSK Udugoda RSP, Maj SR Wijethunge, Maj AKDSP Siriwardena, Maj SAMAMB Senanayaka RWP psc, Maj SP Rodrigoe, Maj BP Harischandra, Maj KSRK Widanaralalage RSP, Maj MS Wijesingha, Maj KSS Silva, Maj RA Wanigasundara, Maj R Jayawardena, Maj HP Jayasooriya, Maj S Wijegunawardana, Maj PK Wickramarathna, Maj DRP Uyangoda, Capt AA Hettigamage, Capt OC Batuwitage, Capt DV Wijesekara, Capt DSR Amarasingha, Capt KNK Perera, Capt D Attanagoda, Capt NND Cooray, Capt MADR Jayanath, Capt (QM) PJ Perera, Lt MR Jayawardena, Lt G Gunasekara, Lt (QM) DD Amarawardena.

Those young officers who are old Anandians and presently holding appointments in the Army are  Capt AAR Perera, Capt MPRP Bandurathna, Capt MDCD Marambage, Capt GIDM Dharmaratne, Capt KMIP Hemapala,Capt SH Rajapaksha, Capt LAPJ Dias, Capt RSL Bodaragama, Capt TNM Jagodage, Capt (QM) BP Rathnasiri, Lt DT Liyanage, Lt WDNPW Gunathilaka, 2/Lt ARPMD Perera, 2/Lt GRTNM Rajapathirana, O/Cadet WMAO Wanninayaka, O/Cadet DI Jayasekara, O/Cadet WARS Weerasooriya, O/Cadet NTS Perera.

Great Anandians who served the Sri Lanka Army to the best of their ability and laid down their lives as War Heroes or passed away under natural circumstances are Maj Gen CL Algama VSV USP ndc, Maj Gen WMP Fernando USP ndc psc, Brig PDS Daluwatta USP, Col MGR Bandara, Col HW Hewarachchi, Lt Col KWKS Senarathna, Lt Col DSW Kuruppu, Lt Col BJ Mark, Lt Col NL Sirimanna, Lt Col SADNJ Suraweera, Maj RMSMTM Rajasinghe,  Maj DMD Dissanayaka, Maj DMP Madapatha, Maj RRS Dharmarathna, Maj PBU Nayanasiri, Maj P Wickramasinghe, Maj DMAN Dissanayaka, Maj WHD Gunarathna, Maj RH Rathnaweera, Capt DMW Rajapaksa, Capt NAAMD Gunasekara, Capt RSC Wasudewa, Capt RWK Perera, Capt SMNC Fernando, Capt ASP Meegama, Capt BG Maheepala, Capt      DV  Priyankara, Capt TDIM Patabandige, Capt KWP Arachchige, Capt SD Tantirige, Capt KK Samaranayaka, Lt YLS Gunathilaka, Lt PUI de Silva, Lt AMACS Alagiyawanna, Lt PMK Fernando, Lt ISD Vithanage, Lt P Wanasingha, Lt WADA Perera, Lt APMCV Gunawardena, Lt SAD Desapriya, Lt AHP de Silva, Lt DCSP Wijesingha, Lt  BLP Cooray, Lt CDD de Silva, Lt HWRR Samarasingha, Lt UG Suresh Kumara, Lt SRYA Jayasinghe,  WO II P Perera, L/Cpl KWD Ranjith, L/Cpl NWMCT Navarathna.

Invaluable service rendered by those great Anandians is indescribable and requires many more chapters for each personality since their life spans are replete with numerous heroic deeds.  

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